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ESCRS Membership  

  1. Step 1 Contact Information
  2. Step 2 Membership Packages
  3. Step 3 Payment Details
  4. Step 4 Membership Confirmation

Contact Information

We are collecting your personal data in order to process your ESCRS membership and give you access to the associated membership benefits. We will share this data with the relevant third party service providers. As a member you will also receive regular ESCRS updates by email, from which you can unsubscribe at any time. Our Privacy Policy is available to view here.

required input

Trainee membership is free of charge for an introductory period of 3 years. Those eligible are trainees under 35 years of age, as per the Society by-laws.

All trainees are required to provide a current valid verification letter from their training institute. Your letter must be on headed paper, stamped, signed and dated. Include the following information in your letter: 

your name and date of birth (trainees under 35 years of age)
your status as trainee
the start and end date of your training period
your supervisors name and signature

Please submit your letter to

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